Virtual Data Room For Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and medium businesses also have confidentiality obligations to their customers and corporate secrets. Few people want to share data with outsiders. This is what virtual data rooms are invented for. After all, working with corporate documents via the Internet cannot be avoided, even if done in the most secure environment.

VDR technology for small businesses

Virtual data rooms for small business projects are characterized by moderate functionality but, most importantly, low cost. Below are some examples of such data rooms.

Citrix Sharefile

This product began to be developed in 1989 in collaboration with Microsoft. Now it is an international provider of VDR services focused primarily on small businesses.

By its mechanism, this data room belongs to DaaS, that is, “Desktop as a service.” The VDR service gives customers access to a ready-to-use remote desktop. The workplace is standardized; that is, it includes a certain set of applications and programs. As a result, users can work using office or home laptops, PCs, and tablets with the same desktop.


Quite old (since 2005) and respected service that provides virtual data room services for small and medium businesses. Many people love this product’s strict security, extensive integrations, and handy tools inside. This virtual data room is best suited for companies in the financial and medical industries. However, other businesses will find helpful features.

With the help of the Box, you can store documents, send them to other users, and work with large amounts of data. If necessary, VDR can be easily transformed into a secure space for remote work.

Another advantage of the Box is a relatively high rating – users gave this program an average of 4.8 points. Data room buyers noted the convenience of the service and the degree of information security.


The company’s philosophy is that they do not load tools on their platform that will never be useful and will only overload the interface. Fordata contains all the functions necessary for small and medium-sized businesses: downloading many files at a time, viewing documents, and a convenient system for organizing information.

Advertising companies, law firms, banks, and financial institutions often work with this VDR technology. For many, it is important that Fordata can be customized to their company’s individual needs.


One of the most respected by many users is the data room, which is well suited for small, medium, and large businesses. VDR technology began to develop in 2008, immediately declaring itself a premium service provider.

The popularity of the iDeals service is associated with its user-friendly interface, high level of data security, and extensive integrations. For example, in the iDeals virtual data room, you can work with 25 file formats at once.

For convenience, the program is translated into many languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean, Turkish, Danish, and many others.

iDeals is suitable for everyday use within the company and organizing large transactions and collaborations.