Ideal Data room features for Startups

A virtual data room is an environment where you can securely share documents, work with different types of files, hold workshops and meetings, do calculations, and so on. Startups are increasingly looking at the possibilities of using this technology to create a comfortable working environment for employees.

Best Virtual Data Rooms for Startups

Startups are usually engaged in small companies that are interested in the development of a particular technology. When choosing a virtual data room, advanced functionality and low cost are essential.

Extensive holdings involved in the development of startups usually already have a virtual data room in their arsenal and do not need recommendations.


This is a virtual data room from American developers, which was presented quite recently – in 2018. Encryption keys are used to protect data. FirmRoom is ideal for storing and sharing documents, and they can also be edited right inside the data room.

The strengths of this software are:

  • The ability to track user activity in different documents and folders.
  • Tools for auditing, reporting, and analytics are present.
  • You can upload a large amount of data to a room at once.
  • You can send email invitations to other users.

Two-factor authentication protects account holders from unauthorized access to the system and four levels of access to documents. In addition, the main administrator configures permissions for each new user to view and edit files.


This virtual data room has a long history – it appeared in 2005 and has since gained the trust of many users. The company presents its product as a highly secure data room ideal for financial, government, and healthcare environments. For startups, it can also be a pretty good option.

First of all, the abundance of functions available to users of the Box is striking. For example, all users get access to a 24/7 support service – depending on the chosen tariff, support is provided by chat or phone. And owners of premium plans can even count on help setting up the Box.


The provider initially developed its product for transactions that require a significant number of documents. However, the practice has shown that SecureDocs is also great for internal use. Although the company does not offer any unique features in its application, it has everything you need for minor or even significant startups.

You can store files here, manage access to them, conduct transactions, and put electronic signatures. In addition, all corporate protection tools are present.


Not everyone knows about this provider. However, it offers perfect conditions for those who want to receive extensive functionality for relatively little money. Caplinked is easy to install and supports many popular file formats (all Microsoft products, plus PDF, photos, and videos).

The virtual data room allows you to exchange messages and send notifications to participants. Information about who worked with the documents is recorded here. The data room also meets the best document security standards.